Blended Intensive Programme:
Security Awareness

What is security awareness? Is security awareness measurable? How can you increase security awareness? You will find out during this Blended Intensive Programme! Want to learn more?


The programme basics

Meet the partners

BIP Partner Universities

Would you like to attend this Blended Intensive Programme (BIP)? Get in touch with the contact person of your university below!

Partner University Logo

Windesheim UAS

Josha v.d. Heide:
j.vander.heide [AT] ov9rt9r8vtc9m9tm99mriwindesheim [DOT] nl

Partner University Logo

University of Skövde

Martin Lundgren
martin.lundgren [AT] 9df90gfgufdugdd9df99kkdkjslgff8fhis [DOT] se

Partner University Logo


Claudia Eeckhout:
claudia.eeckhout [AT] goid90f949itfjr9tgd9f09et9gu9fhowest [DOT] be

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St. Pölten UAS

Patrick Kochberger:
patrick.kochberger [AT] dfewasdfqwer098128aosdjfaaaf98sdfhstp [DOT]

Simon Tjoa:
simon.tjoa [AT] dfewf9usf9s9dfugf9regf9usd8f98sdfhstp [DOT]

Andrea Steiner-Cardell:
andrea.steiner-cardell [AT] ov9rt9r8vtc9m9tm99mrifhstp [DOT]


Info for the Physical Week


Graaf Karel de Goedelaan 5, B-8500 Kortrijk, Belgium

50.82421654664081, 3.2501800651035886


2024-03-24 - 2024-04-30

What do I have to pay?

Well, it might be more accurate to ask what you get! The costs are limited, because most costs will be covered by your university, for example via an Erasmus+ grant from the European Union.

Howest - University of Applied sciences (Host)

For Howest students: no extra costs.

0 / approx.

Windesheim UAS, the University of Skövde and St.Pölten (Sending Universities)

For incoming students: you receive an Erasmus+ grant to cover (a part of) your travel and other expenses. The hotel cost (accomodation + breakfast) will be about 280 euro. During the physical week you can eat at the student restaurant (at your own expense).

400/ approx.

Do you want to join the programme?